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A young Civil War veteran named Jackson wakes up to find his beautiful wife kidnapped by a band of ruthless bandits. With killers around every corner, the lines begin to blur between who the good and the bad are, including Jackson. As a final gunfight looms for our hero and he is asked to risk it all to save the woman he loves, this action-packed western takes twists and turns that will break even the hardest of hearts.
Dang, another 90 minutes waste of eyeballs use. I borrowed the DVD because of Walter Goggins regardless of the negative reviews. He has been great in almost all movies and TV shows I've seen him in. He doesn't disappoint in this movie and the 1-star is for his appearance. He has the best lines and delivery IMHO.

I'm not too familiar with Clint Eastwood acting having seen only a couple of his movies so I can't compare his acting with his son. Scott Eastwood simply cannot act nor show any facial emotions; he's like a dead fish. He's not the only bad thing in this joke of a movie though - the dialog is sub-par and the loud music and cheap cinematography are both annoyingly intrusive.

Although the plot is interesting because of the anti-hero angle, it's a bit predictable the second time Walter Goggins's character Ezra shows up and specially when he lies down beside Jackson. There really is no twist if you are paying attention to their dialog. The title also is glaringly obvious.

I honestly don't know what the director and writer were thinking portraying the Spanish village people as retards. The Diablo is standing on the wide open front yard, practically a "sitting duck", and nobody takes a shot at him. Nobody! Once the one-sided gunfight starts, the village idiots promptly show themselves on rooftops, front door, and windows as if begging him to shoot them. SMH

Skip this movie.

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