Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead

tags: comedy, horror, zombies

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Summary from Wikipedia
Continuing from where the previous film ended, Martin wakes up in a hospital after crashing his car while trying to escape from Colonel Herzog after finding one of the Colonel's coins in his car and placed under arrest when the police suspected that he killed his friends, laughing off the zombie explanation. The arm he sawed off to halt a bite infection has been replaced, but he discovers it’s Herzog’s undead limb that’s been attached to his missing appendage. He then escapes from the hospital and his zombified arm kills a police officer. Martin soon realizes that Herzog is coming back for revenge. The gruesome Nazi Zombies are back to finish some 70-year-old business: completing Hitler’s order to wipe out an entire town in retaliation for Norwegian anti-Axis subterfuge. However, Martin is not willing to die yet. En route, he gains variably competent allies in Glenn, a gay staffer at a local WWII museum, and the self-styled “Zombie Squad”, a trio of nerdy American siblings who've been waiting and preparing for the zombie invasion that popular media has taught them will surely come. Things improve a bit once Martin (whose zombie arm suddenly arbitrarily starts helping the good guys) manages to revive a troop of Russian POWs executed by the Nazis for the final battle against Colonel Herzog and his Nazi Zombie battalion.
Sequels are usually inferior to the first installment but in this case, the second is better. It is the best zom-com movie, better than Shaun of the Dead with more laugh-out-loud scenes. The movie is filmed entirely in English, has the same amount, if not more blood, gore, and spilled guts. It's really hilarious with its in-your-face politically incorrect scenes: everyone getting blown to pieces including the elderly and babies, zombies killing a wheelchair-bound guy; no one is spared. Quoting the policeman watching the battle scene: "It looks like a video game." Oh, and I really like the gross-sweet ending too.

Currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon. Watch the first one before viewing the sequel.

Multiple viewing is highly recommended for zombie movie fans.

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