Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Warchild Series Books 1 and 2

Book 1 Warchild: Pawn 

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237 pages

Book description
The world ended long before Caroline Mathers was born, but that doesn’t mean life stops for the fourteen-year-old army scout for the People’s Republic of Virginia. Abandoned by her parents, raised by her grandfather, she slinks through the forests surrounding her encampment, monitoring the woods for nomadic bands of criminals known as Republicons, all while keeping a watchful eye on her northern enemies from the Democratic Alliance. 

It’s a hard life, but a simple one, at least until the day Caroline hears the sound that everyone dreads: distant drums echoing throughout their quiet valley, pounding to the beat of the war rhythm. With some help from two unlikely allies, Caroline leads her people in a breathtaking retreat, praying they’ll find salvation in their capitol city. Along the way, haunting dreams may reveal a look into her mystifying past. 

The first book of the Warchild series is a powerful, coming of age, dystopian thriller full of fast-paced action, tragic choices, and the undeniable strength of the human bond. 
I read this first book in March of this year and loved it because I'm a dystopian sci-fi thriller junkie specially well-written and fast-paced ones like this series that grab you from the first sentence to the last.

Judas (Warchild, #2)

Book 2 Warchild: Judas

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264 pages

Book description
Hope alone can not win the war.
Caroline Mathers, Forward Scout of the People's Republic of Virginia, leads her people to safety after a harrowing escape through the Appalachian Mountains. But, the security of their capitol city won't last for long...maybe even less than a night. Old friends are left behind, while inside the walls, new alliances are formed and trust betrayed. 
Empowered by the strength of a massive army, their northern enemies suffocate the city outside the walls, preparing to take control of what they believe is rightfully theirs: citizen slaves. 
With the help of her fellow Kinder, Finn, and an ill-equipped group of volunteer soldiers, Caroline must defend her city to the last breath or watch her people marched away in chains.

The second book is even better than the first. It has brilliant action, unexpected turns, and surprising twists. The cliff-hanger ending is perfect. The book somehow reminds me of Tetsuo from the Japanese anime movie Akira and the American superhero-ish movie Chronicle.

Highly recommended for both YA and adult readers.


Ernie Lindsey is quickly becoming one of my favorite indie authors. I currently have 9 of his books on my Kindle, only 2 short stories remain on the "to read" list and I'm eagerly awaiting the Warchild series book 3. Hurry up, Mr Lindsey!

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