Monday, July 14, 2014

Romancing The Stone

tags: action-comedy-romance(ish) movie, rewinding the 80s

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  • Joan Wilder is a mousey writer of romance novels. She finds a package from her sister mailed from Colombia in her mailbox. A call from her sister tells her that she has been kidnapped and that bringing the package to Colombia is necessary for her safety and release. Being fairly clueless, she leaves for Colombia to rescue her sister. She is lost within hours of her arrival. She is nearly murdered by one of the men searching for the package when Jack Colton, a fairly low life American rescues her. They begin a journey through the jungle with bullets flying nearby. Is Joan up to all of this? What a way to find out.
    Written by John Vogel 

This 1984 action-comedy movie is a lot of fun to see again reminding me that once upon a time Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas used to be sooo hot. Who could ever forget the mudslide scene and Juan and his Little Mule, Pepe. Good times. Good movie.

The movie is now streaming on Netflix and in HD on Amazon.

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