Sunday, May 18, 2014


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After a failed mission in South Korea, a North Korean spy's 18 year old son Myung-Hoon (played by T.O.P of the Korean hip-hop group, Big Bang) and daughter Hye-In are sent off to a forced labor camp. A high ranking North Korean military official offers Myung-Hoon a deal to carry out a spy mission in South Korea and if successful, he and his sister will be released from the labor camp. Myung-Hoon accepts the deal and undergoes 2 years of intense training.
Myung-Hoon arrives in South Korea under the guise of a North Korean defector, is adopted by a South Korean couple who are actually North Korean spies, and enrolls at a local high school. 
His mission is to assassinate a North Korean spy from another unit. 
However, a power struggle ensues in North Korea with the failing health of dictator Kim Jung-Il and Myung-Hoon quickly becomes a liability.

Well, as a lover of Korean films and dramas, I'm probably biased but I don't care, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. The fight sequence is T.O.P-notch, sorry I couldn't resist, so is the acting, and script.

Highly recommended. If you are female and a fan of Korean boy bands, try not to get distracted by T.O.P's pretty face. (^_~)

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