Friday, December 11, 2015

Detectorists And Atelier On Netflix Streaming

Netflix is currently streaming 2 multi-episode drama-comedy series that are both witty, smart, and funny. Highly recommended.


tags: British, comedy, drama, metal detecting, relationships

Season 1 - Six 30-minute episodes

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Two quirky friends share a passion for metal detecting and a dream of unearthing Saxon treasure that they're certain is buried in a local farm field.
The smart and often hilarious dialogue, beautiful cinematography, and superb acting by all the actors (leading and supporting) make this series a true gem, one of the best I've seen this year on Netflix. It's a light comedy with a touch of drama and a little romance. The script is 95% "clean" with just a handful of foul words uttered and no nudity or sexual situations. The second season unfortunately is not yet available on Netflix. I'll have to find the episodes on YouTube or other streaming service.

Update: 12/22/2015

I watched the second season. There's a little bit more drama, just enough; it's as brilliant and funny as the first season, and most important, it has a very happy metal detecting ending worthy of "the dance". Search for streaming services available online. It'll be worthy of your time. I'm also looking forward to the Christmas Special which is scheduled to be shown in The U. K. on December 23.


tags: comedy, drama, Japanese dorama, luxury lingerie manufacturing

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Thirteen 45-minute episodes in Japanese language with English subtitles
Mayuko finds a job with a high-class lingerie manufacturer in Ginza. It is the story of a woman experiencing confusion, struggle and growth in a world with a new set of values different from any she has ever known, and seizing the Japanese dream. Atelier is a workplace-based coming-of-age novel drama, written to present the story of a working woman, with the setting of a glamorous world of lingerie manufacturer.
One word: amazing! Although the idea of manufacturing custom-made luxury underwear doesn't seem to be an interesting premise for a dramedy, the script and acting make this such a wonderful series. It's light comedy and not overly dramatic. The series also shows the Japanese culture, most notably their attention to the tiniest of detail, from the actual product to the packaging. I love the materials they use for the underwear but most specially I dig their Juki sewing machines.

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