Friday, June 27, 2014

The Running Man

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1987 Sci-fi thriller LOOSELY based on a 1982 story by Stephen King published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman.
Los Angeles in the year 2017 has become a police state in the wake of the global economy's total collapse. The Running Man is the top-rated TV show, where condemned criminals are given a chance for freedom by running through a gauntlet of heavily armed killers known as "Stalkers". Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Ben Richards, an ex-cop wrongly convicted of the massacre of unarmed civilians. He's joined in the deadly game by fellow prisoners Yaphet Kotto and Maria Conchita Alonso as they try to survive Stalkers Subzero (Toru Tanaka), Buzzsaw (Gus Rethwisch), Dynamo (Erland Van Lidth De Jeude), Fireball (Jim Brown), and Captain Freedom (Jesse Ventura). The all-star cast includes rockers Mick Fleetwood and Dweezil Zappa as revolutionaries, and Richard Dawson of The Family Feud as the show's smarmy host. Directed by TV's Starsky, Paul Michael Glaser.
Before THE HUNGER GAMES and BATTLE ROYALE, there was THE RUNNING MAN. I like all three but specially THE RUNNING MAN; whether you prefer cheesecake or beefcake, no problemo, because you'll get both in this movie. And lots of laugh. And gore. And Arnold's thick accent and arms. And the dancers. And Dweezil Zappa.

The Running Man Is Way Better, And Worse, Than You RememberThe Running Man Is Way Better, And Worse, Than You Remember
 Dweezil Zappa                                   The dancers

I have several 80s movies on my Netflix and Amazon streaming lists. I just love the 80s. The music, the movies, the food, the hair, the clothes. OK, not clothes and hair. Heheh. Anyway, here's to Rewinding The 80s!

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